I'm good at Java so i came into thought creating a simple game . So first question on my mind was which game should i develop ? so there was a game which i really enjoyed playing and which i really like is brick breaker . i used to play brick breaker game on gaming console back then . then it came into thought that why not to build this game lets do it.

What it does

it is simple program you may run on you machine where there's a ball and plate and bricks above. you need to move plate horizontally according to judgement that ball should not miss the plate after breaking the above bricks block of the window . if it misses game is over .

How we built it

i built it using netbeans ide , and intellij idea for demo .

Challenges we ran into

game was preety easy to code , but the challenge i faced was the logic used to build the game which was quiet difficult part .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

good coding skills developed .

What we learned

brushed up java skills

What's next for Simple Brick Breaker Game .

we can develop this game using android studio as an android app .

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