From the notion page, I was looking at the brainstorming section and it discouraged googling generic ideas such as "Top Sustainability Problems 2021", and encouraged looking at my daily life/surroundings for ideas. So, I eventually thought of my cat. I love him very much and decided to base my very first app on him.

What it does

There are two buttons and both buttons lead to a picture of my cat :)

How we built it

I followed the Android Developers tutorial for creating an Android project, and made slight adjustments to allow for the functionality that I wanted.

Challenges we ran into

I got stuck on uploading the image of my cat into Android Studio because it kept appearing as a grey image. However, after a couple of Google searches, I found a fix on Stack Overflow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was my first ever app/hackathon and I'm proud that I was able to create an app, as simple as it is.

What we learned

I learned the very basics of creating apps in Android Studio.

What's next for Simple Beginner App

Right now, the functionality is extremely simple. However, with more learning and experience, I hope to be able to update the interface to be more appealing to the eye.

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