We started with some personal problematic history. Customers often have many opportunities to use bonuses like cash back, miles, etc. but they rarely use these features (We know from experience). We wanted to streamline it for the members and allow them to access their rewards and view their account details with ease.

What it does

Simple Banking is a dashboard for managing finances. You can easily view transaction history and available cash-back rewards.

How we built it

Simple Banking was built with Python using Flask. It takes advantage of the Capital One Nessie API to simulate finances of a family of customers.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we had some trouble locally hosting a server on a mac. The issue was the different python versions. We fixed it by installing the same packages by using different versions of pip.

What's next for Simple Banking

Next, we plan to use the customer's location to find the nearest ATM. After that, we've considered porting it into a mobile application, either for iOS or Android.

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