Though as a student, I got admission with a one try jamb and post Jamb, I've had to watch families and friends who excel excellently in their studies go through heartbreaking admission seeking process year in, year out. Even the best waec student in district 1 of Lagos state had to write jamb about 3 times before getting admitted, while he had 3As, 5Bs and 1C. This is just one out of many stories I can tell. With a mission of being a problem solver, an opportunity creator, great love for impact, and an opportunity to present my idea to the world, I thought of founding Simple Admission.

What it does

Simple Admission is a solution with the sole vision of referring qualified student, probably unqualified for chosen course, admissions into another course in same university or same/another course in other universities, among other benefits. The idea is that students who do not meet the cut-off mark of schools due to large applications, yet possess strong/considerable academic qualifications should be referred to other other closely related courses in the same institution that they qualify for (before the end of change of course/university by jamb) or same/other closely related course in other universities that they qualify for and can apply to. The solution also plans to be a platform where students can get short and rich information on any-course they want to study so we will have less students choosing courses they know nothing about, among other benefits,

How I built it

The solution was built using front-end technologies (html, css, boostrap, javascript, angular, python, django, scikit-learn). We started of by interviewing a few individuals who are students or recently graduated to have a sort of 'User Perspective' of the solution. We got good feedback and then proceeded into the design mock-up stage. After this, implementation of mock-up stage followed though yet to be completed. So we then started gathering data and designing the database, and ultimately, the back-end development. We are still a bit far from completing it but will do so in the nearest future

Challenges I ran into

The overall challenge in building this solution was the availability of data. Since we're using machine learning algorithm for prediction, we needed to train the algorithm with lot of data but we couldn't get it timely. This took most of the time. Since the solution was to benefit hundreds of thousands of students writing jamb every year and students generally, we needed data that could simulate a close situation but couldn't get such resources. Also, we both are interns @ bincom ICT and so we didn't have all the time to dedicate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I'm able to compete at Naija hack with such an important idea is the greatest acheivement for us.

What I learned

A bit about reality of how important data is to business in today's world.

What's next for Simple Admission

Fund gathering, more research, perfecting implementation, development and launching.

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