Prosper was inspired by the idea of helping to improve the financial literacy of young Canadians navigating the chaotic waters of the financial investing world.

Due to its technicality and the overwhelming amount of resources available, many find it difficult to stay up-to-date or even kick-start their learning in the financial sector despite their interests.

Current resources are too complex, and use terminology and lingo that sometimes requires extensive knowledge of finance and investing. Prosper strives to simplify the process of saving and investing by making content that is simple to digest, having walkthroughs of investing steps, and providing relevant resources catered to the user.


We built Prosper using Google's mobile development UI kit, Flutter. We wanted to quickly prototype a functioning product that got off the ground looking beautiful and having a seamless user experience. For data persistence, we leverage Google's Firebase Firestore for articles and for mock financial transaction data. For upgrades, we'll be integrating Yahoo Finance's API in order to pull real-time stock data in order to produce a more realistic process.

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