I was always interested in developing homebrew applications but never had the skills when I was younger. When I learned more programming and the 3DS recently got a homebrew launcher I decided I would spend my time at CodeRED learning ctrulib, the open source library for 3DS homebrew development.

How it works

A game of Simon. A sequence of 4 random colors appear and you have to match them. The appearance of the colors decreases as the player is more successful.

Challenges I ran into

The library, ctrulib, is very barebones. To display images you have to write directly to memory and there is not "blitting" as other graphical libraries have. I had to learn what was necessary to display images and have transparency as this functionality was not built in. Also the 3DS likes to crash after opening and closing so many programs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Soon I hope to publish a friendly graphics library based on what I've worked on here, similar in ease of use like pygame.

What I learned

C is also a very barebones language. How to use the source code when there is no verbose documentation, merely functions you can call.

What's next for Simon3DS

This is more of prototype, I am learning basic graphical display and input on the 3DS. Next I would enjoy being able to develop more network connected software and other games for it.

Built With

  • cubic-ninja
  • nintendo-3ds
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