Sitting down as a team, we brainstormed ideas for a couple hours, or at least pretended to. This was our a first hackathon and we honestly had no idea what to do or even a general direction to head in. We came up with ideas ranging from bike-sharing to insult-generators. While trying to decide what to do, we realized, why not create an app that helps make decisions for you. And thus, Simon Says was born.

How often are you stuck in a situation where you can't decide what food to order, what movie to watch, or whether to even get out of bed? The difficulty of making decisions and coming to a group consensus can stall plans, cause dissent and irritation among the group, and keep everyone from having fun. To make things simple, just ask Simon!

Simply type in your options, pressing the "+" button after each entry. Made a mistake? Never fear! The handy "-" button will delete the last entry. Once all your choices have been inputted, simply press the button with the "S" on it to see what Simon says.

Simon Says gives the definitive answer for complex choices. He cuts straight to the point and makes the difficult decisions for you.

Simon Says is still a work in progress. There are many other aesthetics that we would like to improve and some additional functionality we would like to implement. At the moment though, we're restricted by time and knowledge as this is our first Android application. The Simon's source can be found online at

Simon is also testing the waters online as a web application. We think that Simon online is just as smart as Simon in your pocket. We're all about equality, give online Simon the same love you would offer pocket Simon! You can find him at

We hope you enjoy Simon Says, the simple solution to life's toughest decisions.

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