We had a lot of hardware parts, and we wanted to make a fun and interactive game that incorporated most of them.

What it does

Player 1 inputs a series of buttons that player 2 must copy in order to tie. If player two matches, you both NAILED it.. like a hammerhead shark!

How we built it

We used 3 bread boards, one arduino uno, a NeoPixel Wheel, multiple resistors and buttons, a red LED, and a lot of creativity to come up with this project. We take inputs from the buttons, display the inputs on the NeoPixel Wheel, and then compare the matching sequence on the computer through the Arduino uno.

Challenges we ran into

First we spent the first 3 hours pursuing a project that would take a month to complete, so we changed the scope of the project to something more simple. We then switched from using a Raspberry Pi to the Arduino Uno due to issues connecting to the WiFi though the Simmon's VPN. We then ran into an error with the circuitry on our board early this morning, and resolved it at 1 PM. We then only had 2 hours to refine our code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing our project on time with a deliverable! Getting an awesome visual output! Having code that works!

What we learned

Its best to have a more concrete idea when you start than trying to formulate one as you go. Also, having mentors that are knowledgable is a huge advantage when it comes to debugging and helping with issues. Also coming with a team with a broad skill set may also help the scope of the project.

What's next for Simmons Says

Making the game code itself better, adding sound effects, displaying the result of the game on the LiquidCrystal LCD

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