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The constant increase in the capabilities of VR Cameras is very exciting to watch, and even more exciting to be a part of. Recent research is being done to fully immerse the user into the VR space and add a sense of tough. Combining these with DICOM to PLY abilities, what we are hoping to achieve is rapid, real-world, medical simulations that can provide many novel situations for medical professionals to hone their skills. This would be a rapid increase in ability to practice compared to cadavers that are used in surgeries today.

What it does

Our prototype shows how much can be achieved in very little time, with even less experience. Where our idea really shines is in combining the technologies mentioned above with things people are already trying in VR. There are a number of organizations trying to create a virtual medical training simulation. A large bottleneck of this process is making enough novel scenarios, and having the simulation be close enough to real world challenges to reach their potential. As it stands now, the human models are painstakingly hard to create accurate models of by hand, and therefore many scenarios are hard to create.

How we built it

Using Unity and the Oculus SDK to set up the mock surgery. Making the models and animation in 3D modelling software.

Challenges we ran into

Having to learn Unity and Oculus developing on the fly with no prior experience in either. Figuring out how to transfer animations between software.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the prototype working at all. Getting the animations to run after the cut and pull criteria is met.

What we learned

The difficulties in learning Unity and developing in VR. The amount of time needed to make a very simplistic model of a leg muscle.

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