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*The Idea: * Architects around the world work very hard to design buildings and structures within the constraints given to them, and despite the presence of advanced simulation software, it is very hard to imagine how the final product will look and how it will affect the area around it.

We intend to solve this problem using augmented visualization by projecting the architect's model on the planned site of construction. The system helps architects to simulate and easily visualize real-time effects caused by the building and it's components on the environment. The architect can simulate real world scenarios such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc in front of his eyes using the Moverio Augmented Reality System and test his designs.

A very good example of the system being useful is when we imagine a skyscraper being constructed near a housing complex. The architect can simulate his structural design at the actual site, and observe effects like lighting and obstruction of view, which cannot be simulated using current software.


We use the simulation engine written with the Unity Framework given it's existing support for Lighting and Physics. We also use the onboard gyroscope, and accelerometer, for fully augmented experience, and realtime feedback to the movements of the user.

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