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3rd group meeting today!

Simulations - John, Gorb, nk, FReina

  • On the technical side our simulation shows people as particles, which move and bump into each other and the "walls" of the simulation.
  • Infected particles can infect others probabilistically when bumping into each other. They change colours, stay infected a certain time, then either die (and stop moving) or become healthy again and immune
  • Particles are spawned inside a "house area" and they have a certain probability of leaving this area (which later will be determined by your choices). After leaving their area, they move through the whole simulation field till they are coming back to their home area, where they will be "trapped" again
  • Simulations will take user input regarding your own behaviour, then a simulation canvas will be shown, showing the behaviour of people, if everybody would act according to your own choices.

User Interface - Gorb, Sascha

  • We are in the process of designing the Front-End of the web app
  • We do a simple form for user input (see "Draft of user questionnaire")
  • We are designing buttons, icons, logos...

Research - FReina, Vanessa, Johanna

  • We planned the user experience and identified the core idea that a user should see his/her own choices reflected in the simulation. This is a core difference to other established simulation models (like Washington post, ...).
  • We sketched the user interface and planned the outline of the simulation
  • We did research for a FAQ-like corona info page, which should be accessible for the user for background information.
  • We are writing story-like elements for the user. The simulation should have a real life appeal to the users to engage them in the message (#stayathome). Also, different roles are there in this crisis, which can not act freely - e.g. a doctor or nurse who has to leave their "home area" and get in contact with people anyway. Also, young people and elderly people are possibly behaving differently and have different stories.

Next meeting today 21:00, I'm excited to see how far we might have come by then!

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