Shravan Patel Ben Carter Daniel Johnson Siddhant Sahoo Vidit Bhatt

Special Thanks:

Shannon Nguyen

Hack Idea:

Develop an immersive gameplay experience for Elite: Dangerous.

Idea Development:

The chair is intended to be a simulation chair motored by 30 amp window motors from old vehicles for affordablility. We implemented double joystick controls to maximize the accessibility of a spaceship in space; the user would not have to move their hands while wearing the Oculus Rift. This also allows us to accommodate for both translational and rotational controls. The simple design of the joystick chair allows the user to have full control of the game at their fingertips. A voice control feature was designed to enhance usability, so the focus will be on flying the spaceship rather than on specific controls.


To achieve our intended gameplay experience, we incorporated various peripherals to enhance aspects of the user experience. The Oculus Rift is already supported by the game. In addition to the Oculus Rift, we facilitated player immersion by engineering our own joystick chair. The joystick chair features two, three-axis joy sticks and two window motors for two different degrees of freedom of movement which are fed ~30 amps. During the time we worked on our hack, we ran into a plethora of issues with our joystick chair. The issues being:

-Gears made of poly-carbonate needed to be custom modified for stability.
-Had trouble finding a power supply that provided for adequate movement for the motors.
-Had five mosfets explode.
-Finding alternatives for the mosfets.
-Motor broke.
-Motor shaft broke, but was ultimately resolved.
-Biggest problem is making a robust motor controller, which we needed better equipment I.e. relays/higher amp     

Built With

  • hardware-and-software
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