It can be difficult sometimes to gather information about the current state of the planet without being very concerned about environmental issues, especially since technology nowadays has developed to serve as an entertainment medium, which can distract our attention from these important problematics. We wanted to create a website where all the information about everyday sources of pollution is available.

What it does

  • Real time air quality level in Montreal
  • Environmental news for 2018 in one sight to look back at environmental issue
  • Quizzes which allow users to learn actively about what is necessary to reduce the environmental issues
  • Indicates level of air pollution and
  • Calculates carbon emission depending on the type of the vehicle
  • Location/Time zone shift available

How we built it

We used several languages and libraries, including Javascript for front end design, Node.js for backend, Python for TouchTunes API implementation, jQuery for website optimization and HTML / CSS for user interface.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult problems we ran into was incorporating the various environmental APIs into our website. Since we are relatively new to this experience, implementing APIs and understanding the process behind POST requests and query search really took a long time during hackathons for us to get used to.

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