I use Jira, but also I have tons of notes in different places - raw text files, paper notes with some reminders and tasks. I tried to use Jira and Confluence for that notes, but it doesn't work for me.

  • Jira comments - issues are quickly overloaded with information, its hard to track status and keep focused
  • Confluence - for few complex issues I have HUGE documents in Confluence with screenshots, code blocks and discussions. I tried to split them into sub-documents and got document structure overloaded with documents. Also its very hard to "restructure" Confluence docs.

I used to use for my personal notes and I really miss similar functionality in Jira/Confluence.

Also I missing ability to "focus" on current steps and hide other "context".

What it does

Plugin add notes tree into Issues and global Project tree. Possible use-cases

  • When I work on something complex - I like to store all related info. Screenshots, links to some useful info in WEB, shell commands, even code snippets sometime. This info can be later easily converted to document. Ussually I store that in comments, but notes tree works better.
  • I like to be able to focus on current steps and hide other steps/done tasks etc. "zoom on node" can be used for that.
  • I like to be able to store "daily plan" with subtasks etc. I have text files for that, going to use this plugin instead and keep everything in Jira

What's next for Silver Bullet for Jira

I already use this plugin for myself and it already cover 90% of my needs.

This plugin do have a couple bugs and I miss some features, so I am going to clone this plugin and continue work on it.

Also I am going to check market interest - if other peoples will use it or like concept - I have tons of ideas in trello

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