It was a dark, stormy night when the team was sitting in a bubble tea shop, and realized that there were some unfortunate souls out there who were unable to appreciate the amazingness of bubble tea. Our idea to revolutionize the socioeconomic landscape of the world (as seen through social media) snowballed from there.

What it does

We know, unclassy people make you uncomfortable. Good thing this exists, because everyone now has airpods, aviators, Canada Goose jackets, and boba!

How we built it

Face API ( + Chrome Extension + Some big chungus maths.

Challenges we ran into

Big chungus maths. Also chrome extensions suck.

  • My laptop is crying for mercy from the CPU load.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made everyone rich. My laptop is now my b*tch.

What we learned

Everyone could be hip with airpods.

What's next for siloed

Nothing. Literally nothing. It's perfect, b*tch.

Built With

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