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Ricardo David

  • Rigging, Skinning and Animation
  • Unity Mecanim setup
  • Concept Art
  • FX Sounds
  • FX Particles

Bradley Harris

  • Character Models and Textures.
  • Collectible Models and Textures.
  • In Game UI and Splash Screens

Wayne MacDonald

  • Environment layout and art
  • Collectible Models and Textures.
  • Level Design
  • Sound Recording and very bad Mexican accents!

Jared Glass

  • Concept
  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • System Design and Programming
  • UI Setup
  • Sounds
  • FX Particles
  • FX Sounds
  • Unity Setup, Integration and Support


The Great Trump.

What it does

Its a wall builder with a political satire theme

How I built it

Using Unity for coding and Max and Maya for Assets. We also used Quixel Suite,Substance Painter, Audacity and Git hub for Asset Management

Challenges I ran into

Agreeing with a first Idea look a while. We wanted to put more in but ran out of time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to create something cohesive with decent assets considering the time constraint.

What I learned

Since its our first Jam we learned more about the scheduling and how to manage ourself in this type of team set up.

What's next for Silo Games

We will try to develop this idea and start conversations with people to maybe release it soon

Built With

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