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Track and Problem Statement 🚧

Random Emoji Generator!

Background 📖


Are you confused, irritated, anxious or sad when you don't find an emoji for those bland conversations? We are too, and that is why we came up with GiveMy*Emoji*! The Silliest Hack you can think about but then at the same time, pretty useful! Now hover over to our Website or Chrome Extension to shuffle between hundreds of emojis to find the right one to spice up your chats! ** wink wink ** We also have a smol surprise so do watch the video!

Give life to your boring conversations!

About GiveMyEmoji 🔧


GiveMy*Emoji* is a collection of a Website and a Chrome Extension to help you find THE emoji that you need. It is developed using simple HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a lot of love. You see, no fancy words there! Surprise! We also have an Instagram Bot built with Selenium that sends you ASCII emoji in chat and an Instagram Filter built on Spark AR to throw Random Emojis!


Often we encounter situations where we are speechless, why not use emojis there instead? Unless you're talking to beep-bops 🤖 we guarantee you that GiveMy*Emoji* is definitely going to help you out!


With a super simple User Interface for Boomers and Babies, in both the website and the extension you have two buttons available with a Dataset of hundreds of emojis. When you click on I LIKE, the emoji on the screen is automatically copied, ready to spice up your bland conversations and if you click on I HATE, a new emoji is spinned up in no time! Magic!

If we talk about the Instagram Bot and Filter, when you send a Send me an emoji to the bot hosted over @givemyemoji on Instagram, it sends you random ASCII emojis, automated through a Selenium Script. The Filter, built using SparkAR is pretty easy to use, like every other Instagram Filter.

Website Light Website Dark Extension Light Extension Dark Selenium Bot Selenium Window Instagram Filter

Installation and Execution

  1. To checkout the Website simply head over here or follow these steps.

    • Clone this repository.
    • Open index.html.
    • Make sure you have active Internet Connection so the Web Application functions best (Chatbot requires access to the Internet).
  2. To explore our Chrome Extension follow these steps.

    • Clone this repository.
    • Head over to the Folder Chrome Extension and check that all files are present.
    • Type chrome://extensions/ in a Chrome Tab. Switch on Developer Mode.
    • Click on Load Unpacked and select the Chrome Extension Folder.
    • Now check out GiveMyEmoji in an extension!
  3. To experience the Instagram Bot go over Instagram at @GiveMyEmoji or run the Selenium Script using the following steps.

    • Clone this repository.
    • Open the folder instabot.
    • Install Selenium using pip 3 install selenium.
    • Execute which is written in Selenium using python
  4. To see our Instagram Filter follow these steps.

    • Head over to SparkAR after cloning the repository.
    • Check the folder named Instagram-Filter.
    • Open it with SparkAR.
    • You're good to go!

Timeline ⏰

  • Sept 18: Research and Initial Documentation, Commencement of Development
  • Sept 19: Development of Website and Chrome Extension Finished
  • Sept 20: Development of Instagram Filter and Bot Finished

Technology Principles Implemented 💡

  1. Mobile First
  2. Minimalist Design
  3. Reusable
  4. Well Documented
  5. Open Source

Technology Stack 💻

Keeping it simple, no big words!

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Selenium
  • SparkAR
  • Netlify
  • GitHub Actions

Nominations for Category/Sponsor Prizes 🤝

  • Hacking with the GitHub Student Developer Pack

    • Used the following tools and services from the GitHub Student Developer Pack in our hack:
      • Bootstrap Studio
      • Canva
      • GitHub
      • IconScout
      • Atom
      • GitHub Desktop
      • ImgBot
  • Best Beginner Hackers - MLH

  • Best Jugaad - MLH

    • Instead of using some complex Database relation, we simply used a JavaScript Function to import emojis, fed in the form of an Array! Jugaaaad 💯!
  • Silliest of All (2)

    • Our Creativity as a team was out of the box! Keeping our CrAzY Radar on, we combined breathtaking UI/UX Fundamentals with the silliest idea to give our imagination a face in the form of GiveMy*Emoji*.

Collaborators 🤖

No beep-bops, only devs 💖.

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