The final game will use video + Spark AR filters instead of text for the submissions. We built a working chat bot that plays out more like the game "Psych!" from the Ellen Show.

The bot will send all players the same prompt: A question that invites silly answers. Each player will receive a link to a randomly chosen AR Filter. The link opens up their phone's camera (these features aren't on Desktop at this time) and the player has a limited time (chosen by whoever initiated the game session) to record a video with their front-facing camera in which they answer the question. The filters act as a costume that will spark the user's creativity, letting anyone find their inner comedian.

The first problem we ran into is you can't run a bot inside a Group Chat, so we can't go full gameshow mode, where everyone sees the same thing at the same time. So, someone who wants to play would need to post the invite link in the chat, their feed, private message, etc. The game will get permissions from each player and when enough people have accepted the invite, the game will begin, separately in a private convo between each player and the bot.

The big problem we ran into was that, at least during the time limits of the hackathon, we couldn't find a way for the bot to take videos as part of the payload, save them, and forward to other players. We could do that with text though.

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