Our family created this Alexa Skill for other Families

What it does

This Alexa skill asks you to act out silly things.It is a pretty simple skill, but using the skill results in a lot of laughs within our family and we hope it does the same with your family.

How we built it

This was developed by 7 and 9 year old brothers and their parents. Our 9-year-old son wanted to learn to program and we heard about Alexa skill templates and tutorials being available online. It was a fun and interesting way to get exposure to programming. We came up with the idea on a family RV trip to Yellowstone and, during the trip, we came up with over 100 silly things to act out.

Challenges we ran into

Since no one in our family is a programmer, it took us a little while to figure out how to customize the template.

Accomplishments that were proud of

We are proud of the ratings we have received and the number of times people are using the skill.

What we learned

We learned that just focusing on building something that we would enjoy resulted in being something other people would enjoy as well. We built this for our family in order to have fun and laugh. It turns out that what makes us laugh makes other families laugh as well and we are grateful to be able to play a part in helping other families have fun together.

What's next for Silly Things

We want to keep adding more things for people to act out and would love to hear what things other people would like us to add to it so they would have even more fun with our skill.

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