I love making up short stories for my kids. They ask for them every night.

To Play

Say "Alexa, open Silly Tales"

What it does

An Alexa skill that creates silly tales. Create a Silly Tale (story). Alexa will ask you a few question and create a mini story at the end. There are many different base stories to create your own story.

How I built it

I used node.js and the Alexa API found on github. The player could respsond with any type of response, so it required a catch all response. The intent was called ActionIntent. The only problem with this route is it over rides many of the built in commands, such as stop and cancel. So you have to code for those cases.

"intents": [ { "intent": "ActionIntent", "slots": [ { "name": "ACTION", "type": "LITERAL" } ] }


Then uploaded the code to AWS Lambda and tested.

Challenges I ran into

Trouble shooting the bugs was difficult. To find the bug, I used the testing on the Amazon dev page. I also used AWS Lambda simple test case. Also logging and reviewing the log were very helpful.

What I learned

There are always responses you do not expect. Testing with other people normally find those cases.

What's next for Silly Tales

More Stories


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