Our experience in connecting enthusiastic solar consumers to relevant system integrators/EPCs and making sure the consumer has a great experience in his solar journey led us to create SSS.

What it does:

SSS helps users understand and choose key system characteristics of the solar power system they need and also clearly understand the impact of the choices on parameters like payback period, lifetime savings and so on. Users can also browse and compare the most relevant system integrators based on cost, maintenance and reliability parameters. The platform will expand in functionality to add features that keep the customer informed on all key decisions during the entire plant installation lifetime.

How we built it:

We used android-studio for creating SSS.

Challenges we ran into:

Aggregating EPC quotes based on system characteristics. Calculating solar system size for rooftop based on minimal inputs. Organizing system pricing and system characteristics based on EPC quotes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

With SSS, we have been able to create an extremely simple and engaging interaction flow that educates users on system choices while clearly indicating pros and cons.

What we learned:

Pricing and performance analysis based on system characteristics for rooftop solar plants. Learnt to empathize with end stakeholders better by creating this engaging learning platform for solving a real life problem.

What's next for Silly Simple Solar:

In Functionalities - Integrate a "project tracking check list" for end customer to track progress of on-going solar installation. This will enable customers to identify any process deviations/misses in installing a stellar rooftop power system; Another feature would be to assign a scoring metric for EPC players that takes into account customer location, roof kind, system requirements and other information that helps identify the most relevant EPCs.

In Data - As we approach more EPCs to upload system configurations and quotes, we will be able to create a more useful repertoire of system characteristics for users to choose from and provide better prices; Add probable battery system requirement based on outage data from coordinates; Map back all this onto regional maps to help create strategies for future technologies for the very very fragmented and diverse Indian Solar rooftop market.

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