We received an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas and immediately were excited about the possibilities of what the machine could do!

What it does

It allows users to add characters of their own making into existing story outlines. For example, they might choose two main characters: a girl moose named Melissa, and a boy rabbit named Brandon. Then the story is read back by Alexa, with those two as the main characters.

How I built it

Used the Amazon Developer Console and AWS Lambda.

Challenges I ran into

Learning the way of thinking for developing an Alexa skill was tough at times. Also my node.js skills are somewhat rusty!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of how fast it came together. I found out about the Alexa contest just five days before the submission date.

What I learned

  1. It is good to have the full idea in mind before starting an Alexa project. 2. Refresher on my node.js skills 3. Be sure to save before testing

What's next for Silly Animal Stories

I'd like to keep adding more fun stories that use the full breadth of options available. Including sound clips, whispering, and other SSML formatting.

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