The high demand for fast fashion has led to the streamlining of design, manufacturing, shipping, and stocking. This leads to lower quality materials, exploitation of cheap labor and extremely harmful outcomes for the environment. Due to the constant high demand for cheap clothing items, workers in low-income countries which have lack of oversight and enforcement of labor laws, such as Bangladesh, Mexico and China are commonly exploited. Fashion brands from the United States and the United Kingdom continue to exploit cheap labor in other countries by ignoring the safe practices needed to make the clothes and changing fast fashion trends which continue to consume resources for production and shipping at high rates.

One solution is to provide a digital platform for small scale designers and artisans from around the world to sell quality custom-designed fashion products directly to consumers while using sustainably sourced materials and fair-labor laws. Small scale designers often struggle to compete with large name-brands online, especially during the covid19 pandemic. Providing a platform for customers to find inexpensive sustainably sourced quality custom-made products, will allow a larger market share of the fast fashion industry to be allocated to small scale designers. Working with small scale designers and artisans reduces environmental waste in production, high brand pricing, and exploitation of cheap labor, while yielding a better quality and longer lasting product.

At Silk we love clothes. but no clothes are beautiful enough to warrant the 92 million tonnes of textile waste generated each year or the sweatshop like conditions those who make our clothes are forced to work in. We help artisans across the world set up digital store-fronts to sell to mindful, slow-fashion consumers worldwide. We cover the back-end : integrating payments, marketing and logistics; so that the craftsmen can focus on doing what they do best - make beautiful clothes. Artisans, who have long been exploited by fast-fashion or struggled to compete with predatory pricing and competition from high-street retailerscan now earn fair wages. These are then invested back into empowering the local community. Silk Fashion. Slow. Sustainable. Stunning

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