Silent Bodyguard is a cry for help an assailant cannot hear. A silent panic button/location tracker for cellphones, Silent Bodyguard sends an emergency message (including sender's GPS location) to preselected text, email, Facebook and Twitter recipients. The screen looks like a photo viewer--not a panic button--so it can be triggered without onlookers knowing. The app will continue to send the SOS and update the sender's locatiion every sixty seconds until deactivated.  Silent Bodyguard was developed by Jo Perry and Justin Leader after a classmate of Jo's youngest child was abducted and murdered while on an errand. Her abductor took his young victim to a number of ATMs, and when she was unable to withdraw cash, he allowed her to phone her parents. Tragically, she was unable to let them know whe was in danger. A short time after this horrific crime, Annie Le, a graduate student at Yale where Jo's oldest child is a student, was raped and murdered in a her lab.  Jo wanted to find a way to protect her kids and other young people who are so often vulnerable to violence on campus and off.   Realizing that most young people rely have cellphones with them 24/7,  Jo and Justin decdied to create an app that would turn a cellphone into a survival tool. Silent Bodyguard was born. It is currently available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and BlackBerry but can be customized and developed for Android as well. 

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