As an all-female team, we cannot imagine dealing with some of the women around the world are dealing with when it comes to the menstruation issues that they are facing. We want the promote the use of healthier menstrual products as well as educate people worldwide of menstrual cycles and ending period stigma. Most importantly, we want to help make menstrual products readily available to every woman and girl so that she can reach her full potential.

What it does

This platform tracks your menstrual cycle, gives you the opportunity to buy eco-friendly, organic feminine hygiene products and to donate to woman and children in need. By partnering with small business owners we want to empower our local community while helping the global community. Our website also features a "menstrual mentor" which answers questions in real time regarding any menstrual concern.

How we built it

We built it using the wixsite platform

Challenges we ran into

Coding: We tried using html to code for a simple website and python to program the "menstrual mentor", however, as students with no coding experience this proved to be difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Becoming familiar with coding languages and getting our prototype of the ground despite our lack of knowledge in tech.

What we learned

Having an interdisciplinary team is imperative to solving world issues.

What's next for Silencing the Stigma

Partnership with University-based organizations, starting with organizations like GlobeMed, Young Africana Leadership Initiative, and various mentoring programs like Girls Inc, and Bison Buddies. We will continue to network with gynecologists to help promote awareness against toxic menstrual products.

Built With

  • wixsite
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