Silence of the Labs

It is 8:30 on a dark and stormy Halloween night, and the deadline for your practical is looming large. You think you are ready to submit – your report is finished, your code passes all of its tests, and you’ve just zipped your archive. All seems well, but as you log in to MMS, you hear a crash of thunder and a flash of light, and your computer suddenly turns off. You frantically press the power button to turn it on again, but it’s no use. There’s only one option left – get to the labs and hope there’s time to submit it before 9pm. But who knows what you might encounter on the way....


Recent experience of the scary process of submitting practicals

What it does

Runs (usually) and lets you play through a fun game

How we built it

We made it in python and wrote the story in JSON

Challenges we ran into

We were losing our minds trying to get the buttons to work properly and not stay there persistently. We could not do this. So players are haunted by ghosts of options past.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's pretty funny, and it looks nifty

What we learned

That a hackathon is not about the final result, but the friends we make along the way. And also that we are bad at pictionary

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