1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. 80 percent of them are under 30. And 60 percent of all sexual assaults are not reported to police. We have heard more and more stories about campus sexual violence targeted towards women, some of whose lives are forever in the shadow of their assailants. These facts inspired us, and we want to use programming to give women a voice to speak up against the injustice.

The target user of our web app is girls on campus. The key feature that we are proud of is that we can collect data of campus violence targeted toward girls, generate a map of frequent locations and thus enable them to speak up against sexual harassment that happens on campus and better protect themselves. We are still working on an "express" page that allow women to publish their stories and allow them to expose the injustice and share their personal stories with others, whether anonymous or not.

PennApps initiates "Silence No More". But for us, it is a lifelong project whose meaning transcends service provided by a usual web app, and aims to raise awareness and create a community of support.

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