SIKI, we have been professionals in the music industry for decades and have always felt a disservice from traditional platforms. We have built a platform that remedies all of these issues with the transparency, speed and security of the blockchain

What it does

• SIKI is a Multimedia NFT Creation Engine and marketplace wrapped into an engaging social ecosystem that streams NFT music, live streams and posts. Equipping users with all the tools to connect and engage with each other and their favorite artist. SIKI provides multiple streams of revenue for artists and creators. Music NFTs and playlist NFTs made on SIKI are paid a royalty per stream and the royalty paid per stream is higher than traditional platforms. Songs, artists, playlists are also able to receive tips. Artists and creators are able to make their own subscription-based content page allowing them to share premium content to those that subscribe to them. Artists and curators are able to sell their music NFTs. The music NFTs on SIKI represent the royalties made on SIKI. The marketplace showcases NFTs for buyers and sellers to collect Music, playlist, artwork, ticket and merchandise NFTs and more. • The SIKI ecosystem is built for everyone. The gamification side of SIKI incentives users to engage and grow in the community increasing their SIKI score for every movement on the platform. This Siki score is a great way for users the opportunity to stand out. This also adds a friendly competitive atmosphere in regards to who supports, collaborates, and engages the most. Creating a desire for artists to attain stronger relationships with their fans. • The SIKI analytics feature brings an in-depth view and functionality to NFTs. The analytics and gamification algorithms work hand-in-hand. See all the statistics and data for each NFT. SIKI analytics will show real world practical value for each NFT on the SIKI platform. (Example: How much a Music NFT is streamed or tipped. This gives real time data on the functional value of an NFT.) • SIKI NFT creation engine allows for artists to chose which blockchain they would like to mint on. This easy to use process is built into the core of the SIKI platform. Giving artists and creators the real time option to chose what blockchain best fits their needs. Artists will still receive all the benefits of the SIKI platform regardless of which blockchain they chose to mint. Enabling the TRON community into SIKI will activate the TRON community to build and use all of these tools on SIKI to benefit from their artistic side.

How we built it

SIKI started with a dream and a whiteboard in early 2020. From there we reached out to every blockchain and community building relationships with amazing people. From there we built an amazing team #TeamSIKI. The SIKI Dev team is amongst some of the top Web3 Developers in the world and have built everything SIKI is today. The SIKI roadmap is vast and is being fulfilled in great timing.

Challenges we ran into

We have had immense support from our vast global network of music and media professionals. They are excited to finally have a space that gives them the tools to create and earn without being exploited. We have had similar support form select blockchains. The only challenges that we have faced so far is finding the appropriate funding groups that we feel share the same direction and core values. Out of the countless offers we have not found the right fit as of yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team SIKI has built a platform that is a disruptor and game changer for Web2 and Web3. We are the fist app on the iOS ( apple ) to be a NFT music streaming app. The SIKI Dev has developed processes and code that previously didn't exist in the space. We have accomplished everything on SIKI Phase 1+ and have done it with internal funding. We are set to continue disrupting and building a space that the artistic and creator community deserve.

What we learned

Believe in yourself and your vision and make it happen but it takes a team and building the right team and partnerships is priceless.

What's next for SIKI

We are moving forward with Phase 2 & 3 of the SIKI Roadmap. Implementing a lot of new features that we can not discuss here but are excited to share once they are ready to be launched. We have been in the process of onboarding top tier talent and working with large establishments on developing onboarding systems. As we on-board more blockchains ( TRON) we are working on activating the TRON community as well as A-list talent to choose TRON to mint their music on.

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