More often than not, one's wellbeing is often only discussed in times of crisis. While reaching out during a critical time is ideal, being able to have a means of pre-crisis intervention could also alleviate the silent suffering that millions of adults and youth suffer each year. While there has been an increase in mental wellness focus in education, healthcare, the workplace, and in the home, there is still a gap between what is needed and what is offered.

Sikavi helps to bridge that gap within the individual and with their closes contacts.

For the individual, Sikavi is a means to put your life and how you respond emotionally into more appropriate context by providing visualized data based on psychologically sound instruments that have been used in practice and research to assess levels of depression, stress, anxiety, and work-place related burn out. While there is only so much that can be done in 48hrs, there is much hope for continually development and integration for the user in the future.

For the peer group, Sikavi is a way to reach out for help through automated triggers based on the scoring of these instruments. This takes away any potential burden someone may feel that may sway them away from getting in touch with their support network. Automating the processes also ensures that there is less bias against getting help due to perceived or inability to assess one's own level of crisis.

All in all, Sikavi is what the user makes it, but the core functionality is meant to be clean, quick, responsive, and intelligent without being sterile.

What it does

  • Mood planner and tracking
  • D3 for data visualization and a "snapshot" of trends based upon evidence-based psychological assessments (Depression Happiness Scale, DASS-21's subscale for stress, GAD-7 for Anxiety, and the Maslach Burnout Inventory)
  • Emergency contacts specified by the user to be notified of extreme scores on instruments.
  • Panic button and an algorithm which triggers notifications (SMS and email with GPS coordinates of the sender) to emergency contacts for a suspected crisis via Twillio
  • Profile adjustment
  • Ability to keep receive reminder emails and SMS notifications to remind the user to take the inventory based on how often they specify in their profile.

How I built it

The backend is a MySQL server that houses the item level data, calculated scores, and user settings and preferences.

Front end is a beautifully responsive design using Material Design and Bootstrap. The dashboard contains graphs built by D3.js for data visualization of calculated scores over time.

Challenges I ran into

We didn't use any plugins or libraries other Material design for making a beautiful UI. We coded a survey platform from scratch and had lots of fun with MySQL (/sarcasm).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to develop so many features in so little time. Very clean and responsive design that is accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms. Being a two-person team with differing levels of experience

What I learned

Sleep is for the weak and the fortunate.

What's next for Sikavi

We would love to flesh the integration with other notification systems and create an admin/user hierarchy to have a provider interface to be able to easily access a user's data during appointments and give a better emotional context for health issues.

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