We were inspired by a big issue in our society that many people face, including all of our team members who speak other languages besides English. That is the issue of language barriers. They pose challenges in terms of achieving high levels of satisfaction among medical professionals and patients, providing high-quality healthcare, and maintaining patient safety.

To address these challenges, many larger healthcare institutions offer interpreter services to improve healthcare access, patient satisfaction, and communication. However, these services increase the cost and duration of treatment. We wanted to build something that's free.

What it does

We are creating an app that can transcribe and translate voice into subtitles and sign language at the same time. Many different types of people in different fields could benefit from this app. For example, a physician and patient could use this app to have a remote visit. In the future, a Spanish speaker could use our app to understand the physician with our captions. Also, an individual who's deaf or hard of hearing could use our app to understand the physician with our sign language. Students could even use this for school in virtual classes. This could also help everyone learn various languages, including English, at the same time through auditory learning.

How we built it

  • [x] First, we gathered as a team to brainstorm ideas for our project.
  • [x] We validated the need by doing primary research and taking user input by asking three users (one of them is an international student) and two of them are people that have a linguistic problem.
  • [x] We finalized our project from the research and the brainstorm session.
  • [x] And, we created and shared tasks at the end. We divided into two groups: the design and development team.
  • [x] Design team worked on creating the logo, web design, and video.
  • [x] Dev team worked on the coding part, the presentation, and the devpost project description.
  • [x] The tools that we used: Figma, Google Drive, (HTML, CSS), Google Jamboard, Discord, Google Meet, Zoom.

Our Team Members

  • [x] Beatrix Cendana - as a designer and developer
  • [x] Jalen Patel - as a developer
  • [x] Manjeet Singh - as a developer and designer
  • [x] Khadija Tabassum - as a designer

Challenges we ran into

  • [x] Being in different timezones.
  • [x] Technical issues with connectivity and collaboration (on voice or video call).
  • [x] Slow or nonfunctioning internet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • [x] We were able to figure out how to develop the design into the website.

What we learned

  • [x] Learning new design app, Figma, and new languages, HTML and CSS.

What's next for Signum Video Conferencing Web App

We are going to add more UI features into our coded video web app and debug our website.

Built With

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