With apps like DuoLingo, most people have no problem spending time to learn a new language, but few people know sign language. We are a team of Western students looking to break down communication barriers by making sign language everyone's next interactive challenge.

What it does

We use scikit-learn and Leap Motion to create an interactive way of learning and testing your sign language skills. The web app has a progression of challenges that range from identifying the alphabet, to having your signing recognized and checked.

How to get into Signtology

  1. Clone this repository on Github *Download the prerequisites in the Requirements.txt file.
  2. Open command line
  3. Navigate to working directory
  4. Run python
  5. Copy provided link from command line to browser with '\api' appended

Challenges we ran into

The API we planned on using didn't end up working, so we had to become familiar with manipulating the frame data from the Leap Motion to define gestures.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the leap motion to recognize the letters we sign in front of it was a big step that made the project a lot more exciting to work on.

What we learned

It's important to stay flexible and pivot your project when your plans don't turn out to be feasible. We had to rethink our original idea on how we would store the Leap data to compare gestures.

What's next for Signtology

We want to develop curriculum bundles that will test more complex skills (e.g spelling your name, common phrases, etc). These bundles will be available for different age groups and will lead to a proficiency in sign language.

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