With an ever-increasing rate of crime, and internet deception on the rise, Cyber fraud has become one of the premier methods of theft across the world. From frivolous scams like phishing attempts, to the occasional Nigerian prince who wants to give you his fortune, it's all too susceptible for the common person to fall in the hands of an online predator. With this project, I attempted to amend this situation, beginning by focusing on the aspect of document verification and credentialization.

What does it do?

SignRecord is an advanced platform hosted on the Ethereum Inter-Planetary File System (an advanced peer-to-peer hyper media protocol, built with the intentions of making the web faster, safer, and more open). Connected with secure DocuSign REST API's, and the power of smart contracts to store data, SignRecord acts as an open-sourced wide-spread ledger of public information, and the average user's information. By allowing individuals to host their data, media, and credentials on the ledger, they are given the safety and security of having a proven blockchain verify their identity, protecting them from not only identity fraud but also from potential wrongdoers.

How I built it

SignRecord is a responsive web app backed with the robust power of both NodeJS and the Hyperledger. With authentication handled by MongoDB, routing by Express, front-end through a combination of React and Pug, and asynchronous requests through Promise it offers a fool-proof solution.

Not only that, but I've also built and incorporated my own external API, so that other fellow developers can easily integrate my platform directly into their applications.

Challenges I ran into

The real question should be what Challenge didn't I run into. From simple mistakes like missing a semi-colon, to significant headaches figuring out deprecated dependencies and packages, this development was nothing short of a roller coaster.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Of all of the things that I'm proud of, my usage of the Ethereum Blockchain, DocuSign API's, and the collective UI/UX of my application stand out as the most significant achievements I made in this short 36-hour period. I'm especially proud, that I was able to accomplish what I could, alone.

What I learned

Like any good project, I learnt more than I could have imagined. From learning how to use advanced MetaMask libraries to building my very own API, this journey was nothing short of a race with hurdles at every mark.

What's next for SignRecord

With the support of fantastic mentors, a great hacking community, and the fantastic sponsors, I hope to be able to continue expanding my platform in the near future.

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