We wanted to create an app that would make life easier and more helpful for people with a hearing disability. This app will bridge the communication gap between the hearing impaired and the unhindered.

What it does

This app is a live ASL converter. ASL stands for American Sign Language. The app takes a video of someone making hand signs and every set number of seconds (User picks the speed) it would take the frame at that point and detect the hand symbol made at the location. Using the text made from the symbols, we convert the text into speech and the app says the text through its speakers.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and IBM Watson to create this project. We used Android Studio to create the app and implemented IBM Watson to convert the hand symbols into text and used a text-to-speech converter to say the words through the phone.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges when using IBM Watson to convert hand signs to letters because when we took the pictures in similar backgrounds it would detect the wrong letter because it would detect the background and not the hand gesture. Also, near the end of the project, we ran into numerous problems with implementing Watson as we were having problems with our account.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment that we are proud of is being able to train Watson to read and understand hand signs. If we had more time we would be able to finish the entire alphabet of letters and add some gestures.

What we learned

We learned about teamwork and how it is better to all work on one thing at the same time rather than split the project into parts that each person gets because it allows more feedback from each person about each topic. We learned to use IBM Watson

What's next for SignOut

A name change that's for sure! We will add gestures and all of the alphabet. We were also thinking of personalizing the voice to each user.

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