Sign Documents Right On Your Device...for FREE Simple and Secure solution! xyzmo brings signatures into the modern age. If you have an important document that needs to be signed, you now no longer have to scan, fax, or mail it. Just e-sign it with SIGNificant on your Android device. It couldn't be easier, or more secure. With SIGNificant you can load any PDF right from your inbox, SD card, or Dropbox TM and add your handwritten signature. Once a signature is captured locally on the device and is embedded into the PDF, the document is sealed with a digital certificate. Anyone can verify the signature and content integrity of this PDF anywhere at any time, making unrecognized post-signing manipulation impossible. After e-signing, you email your document right back from SIGNificant! Special features:

  • Biometric verification of signature possible
  • S Pen support on Samsung Galaxy Note.
  • "Pen only" mode disables finger touch input while signing.

Please note that an internet connection is required to e-sign a document with SIGNificant, because your documents are processed online on our servers. SIGNificant works best over WiFi or high speed cellular data. It might be slow over EDGE. IMPORTANT: If you have problems when signing or saving the document, go to preferences and set the values for graphics-quality and graphics-resolution to the lowest possible!

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