This is a terminal application in python. You will have to provide the full path to an image of a signature when prompted or use a path relative to ""

Instructions: All images captured with a camera need to be separate and taken near the same time.

An authentic signature will have natural fluid movements. However, when someone else imitates those movements in a signature, there is longer contact time with the paper and more time for ink to spread creating an irregular, wrinkly line. Fractal dimension analysis will compute this "wrinkles" to detect forgery. This idea came from a research paper (The Detection of Forged Handwriting Using a Fractal Number Estimate of Wrinkliness) and an episode of Numb3rs.

Built With

  • fractal-dimension-analysis
  • math
  • python
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posted an update

Update the specific citation of the paper is: Chen, Hung-Chun, et al. "The detection of forged handwriting using a fractal number estimate of wrinkliness." Proc. 11th Int. Graphonomics Soc. Conf., Scottsdale, AZ, November. 2003.

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