Being Deaf, I have experienced first hand the challenges of accessing sign language dictionaries in African countries. I want to make a change for Deaf communities especially students who want to understand sign language and definition of words.

What it does

Using Messenger, Sign Language Dictionary bot enables Deaf and Hearing youths to ask or search words/phrases for sign languages or definition of the word. Also, they can chat with live DEP team when they can switch from a bot to live chat. Not only to look up for sign language or definition but also you can ask it for fingerspell a word or your name. Sign Language Dictionary Bot is available on Facebook Messenger.

How I built it

I developed it using some Facebook tools and Google cloud tools. It is developed using Messenger API and Oxford dictionaries API.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges faced by the team developing Sign Language Dictionary have been the lack of resources in sign languages from different countries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Sign Language Dictionary bot works great. I am looking forward to adding new features and to scale it.

What I learned

I learned that Facebook Messenger is very useful for Deaf and Hearing students in the future. Also, I learned that it is possible for users to upload a video via Messenger but I am still working on it.

What's next for Sign Language Dictionary Bot

Sign Language Dictionary Bot is the first Facebook Messenger that enables you to ask a word or phrase for sign language or the definition of the word. Also, it can show you fingerspell word or your name. One of main activities we will need to do:-

  • Allowing users to upload a video (sign language) and to add a new word to the Sign Language Dictionary database via Messenger.
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