I always love hackathon. So when I hear the name of the hackathon I register and join my 3 friends in the hackathon. This is actually a crowdfunding Fundraising Donation website. It is also an eCommerce website and also a news portal.

It will solve the three problems like Community problem, Health Problem, and Productivity problem. This is a non-profit fundraising website. We can collect fund from any people as well as sell the most necessary medicine to the customers by the websites. There is an emergency call service to the website. From this, we can call emergency services.

I create this website by PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and I use an MYSQL database for these websites. I use the WordPress CMS framework for this project.

I have faced so many challenges to create this solution. The first challenges I have faced is its a large project, So I need so many times to complete this project. I have a limited time only. Moreover, The eCommerce part does not work properly firstly, and when I solve this, the donation part is not working. I have to fixxxxx all this problem, for a long time and I do not sleep in the last 24 hours.

And Finally, I run the project successfully. This Successful project makes me happy. I have learnt a lot from the hackathon. I want to go through in the next level of SigmaHacks 2.0 and want to participate more and more hackathon.

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