Classroom learning is key to a student’s knowledge. Ensuring efficient learning without distractions and aiding the disabled students was our key motivation for developing this application.

What it does

Our application records a professors speech and converts it to text in real time. It is an efficient application that enhances note taking by providing the summarisation feature accompanied by an assist that can aid a student understand any word that he does not understand. The application also provides videos relevant to the content to enable audio visual learning. Further, we provide relevant news articles to enable one to remain abreast with the current trends. The application will not only serve as a one stop learning solution but also serve as a saviour for the differently abled.

How we built it

The application immense brainstorming and our efforts finally materialised into the following components:

  • Speech to text recognition: IBM Watson API
  • Summarisation Module: Aylien API
  • Youtube Video API
  • New York Times API
  • Word definition module

Challenges we ran into

The Speech to Text APIs were not good enough. We had to analyse each one and choose the best as per our use case. Integration of the modules was a big challenge in itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of developing a solution which we see has a real world application and is capable of solving a real world problem.

What we learned

Developing micro-services and ensuring agile development was a big learning. Further, we also learn’t how to use a wide range of APIs and combine them to create an application that can be put to real use.

What's next for Sigma Learn

Sigma learn plans to extend to a mobile solution and also implement it’s own NLP modules which can cater to the needs of the software and ensure efficient speech to text conversion.

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