Celebrities are inconvenienced by applying physical signatures to physical goods. Celebrities were also normally cut out of the profits made by their own signature in aftermarkets. Making snapchat-style mobile content cannonical, customizable, transferable, and collectable allows for a unique form of social media content.

What it does

Bob can take a picture, gif, video via mobile phone and customize. Bob will continue to present matrix barcode to celebrity for signature or attestation of event. Celebrity will also see preview and approve or deny. Celebrity will select which pre-built/custom signature to apply to photograph and optionally position, series, & tier of signature.

Sigma NFTs can also be used as an attestation of an event happening (e.g. another celebrity co-signing on an event occurrence)

The Sigma NFTs can be commoditized by both signers, collectors, and digital artists. Examples:

  • Signer sales royalties through marketplaces
  • Artist customized pre-built signatures for multiple tiers of signature rarity
  • Signature campaigns used by celebrities to promote projects/non-profits/charities, by optionally requiring upfront payment for specified tier or series of signature

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

Change of direction last minute

Built With

  • figma
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