while the idea I got after seeing very few developers who understand internet computers and difficulties in developing things on internet computers, I thought to make it easier for them to make projects on internet computers and see sigma as a formula that helps scientists and engineers solve their problems, I named this project sigmadefi

What it does

sigma defi serves to facilitate users or developers in building a project on the internet computer,

  1. Multisender can be used by developers or other users to transfer airdrops or their relatives
  2. create dip20 can be used to create dip20 tokens on internet computers without having to do coding
  3. generate nft can be used to generate many images from 1 source image to be minted into NFT on the internet computer
  4. buy icp With the integration of fiat on ramp in Transak , users can easily buy ICP using a credit card or other payment

How i built it

by coding in vscode writing typescript language and framework react I built the frontend first, then learned the Motoko language and started writing commands with Mototo for interaction with the blockchain internet computer.

Challenges we ran into

because i'm working alone this makes it difficult for me where time is short and other problems like faucet cycles run out and some bugs in dfx sdk and it's hard to understand motoko language fast and this by making time out

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I can enter this competition honestly and fairly, and can learn new things such as blockchain internet computer, dfx sdk, motoko language, i can hardly believe i can do this myself thanks devpost, dfinity team, internet computer team

What i learned

I learned a lot from this hackathon, especially what is persistence, enthusiasm and respect for one's own performance, and useful knowledge of technology in internet computers such as dfx sdk, motoko, candid, idl

What's next for SIGMA DEFI

I will continue the work progress of the sigma defi project because it is not fully ready yet, and additional features to exchange icp tokens to cycle tokens

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