Prizes We Are Entering For

We are entering for the GitHub statue. We build the shape recognition tool we use for determining what sigil matches what spell. The tool can be used for C# shape recognition of any 0 to 4 sided shapes. The GitHub link leads to the code for only this library, not the entire project.


I always used to dreamed of being able to cast spells like the wizards I saw on TV. With the leap motion, I realized that that is now possible.

What it does

Sigil creates an interface that allows you to cast spells by drawing out different arrangements of shapes, or sigils, with your hands.

How we built it

The entirety of the project was built in Unity, with two parts taking the majority of the importance. The first is the leap motion recognition, to ensure that the hand is tracked properly and as smoothly as possible. The other part is a shape recognition library that allows us to convert your handwork into a multitude of actual spells.

Challenges we ran into

Both of us have never used Unity nor C# to build a large project before, so we had to learn a lot about the two.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A completely functional shape recognition library. The library itself was based of a college thesis, so it was no simple task.

What we learned

We both learned a lot of Unity and C#. In addition, the way we split the project required a lot of teamwork. So we learned more about how to integrate two projects into one product.

What's next for Sigil

We have a lot of plans in regards to virtual reality. We were not able to implement them at the hackathon because our laptops simply couldn't handle the Oculus Rift requirements.

In addition, we would like to move from the leap motion to the Oculus Rift's upcoming hand sensors or the Manis Gloves to increase the accuracy of hand movements.

Lastly, we would love to keep implementing new spells and building onto our shape recognition library.

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