The world of crypto is very flashy. As blockchain innovation becomes more popular, being creative requires more complicated and nuanced features. But what about those who experience the web differently? For the visually impaired, flashy and complicated crypto solutions hardly matter. What matters is an accessible, easy-to-use wallet management solution.

What it does

SightChain allows users to manage Bitcoin wallets with nothing but their voice. By taking a phone call, users can send Bitcoin to an address of their choosing and manage their wallet balance.

How we built it

SightChain was built using Dasha AI and's Wallet API in JavaScript.

What we learned

Taking a moment to consider everybody can bring forth ideas that can have a huge impact on people's lives. We learned that innovation doesn't have to mean never-before-seen features or gimmicks. Innovation can be as simple as using your skills to help people.

What's next for SightChain

SightChain's next steps include more cohesiveness between the wallet hosting and running Dasha and more accessible features over the phone.

Trying SightChain

Instructions to run SightChain are available on the readme page on GitHub.

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