I love travelling and seeing new places, but with the wealth of knowledge available online I find myself spending more and more time researching things to do and see and less time actually doing things. Coming to Atlanta from Canada, I wanted to experience Atlanta to it’s fullest and spend my time here efficiently. I thought it’d be great to have something that could take care of the the boring and time consuming planning process, leaving me with more time and an overall better travel experience.

What it Does

With our app, SightC, you can specify the amount of time you’d like to spend in your current area and your preferred mode of transportation. The app considers the highest rated things to do in the area, in addition to your time and transportation constraints to recommend to best places to visit. You can choose to browse the recommendations and select the places you’d like to visit. The app then generates the most efficient route to visit these locations. If that’s too much work, you can press the “Surprise Me” button to get sent off on an automatically curated tour. With SightC’s “Surprise Me” button you’ll always be 1 click away from an adventure.

The app does not stop there! We understand that people’s time is very important. We think our tours will be so engrossing that many people may lose track of time. SightC is always watching out to make sure you get to your final destination (wouldn’t want to miss that flight!). The app will alert you when you should start heading towards your final destination.

User Stories Although the initial inspiration for this app was travel, there are many ways one could use it for non-travel applications. Here are some situations where one would want to use our app:

  1. I’m travelling to an unfamiliar city and don’t want to deal with doing research and planning my routes.
  2. I want to explore the area where I live with a new perspective and visit places I usually wouldn’t visit.
  3. I am a runner / walker and I want to spice up my regular exercise routine. The app can generate a new route for me to run as often as necessary.
  4. I have a set amount of time to kill. I can use this app give myself an alternative - healthier - way to kill time.

And many more...

Possibilities for Expansion

  • Include the option to specify a distance restriction instead of a time restriction for the trip. This feature could be valuable to runners who want to run specific distances.
  • The idea of combining the discovery and planning phase of a trip into one streamlined process can be adopted for people’s commutes and the errands they’d have to run on their route home. The user could enter the types of errands they’d have to run (groceries, barber, drycleaner, etc) and the app could find the most efficient route with recommending highly rated businesses.
  • Smartwatch integration to make the turn by turn directions more seamless

How We Built it

We built the minimal viable product(MVP) with android studio.

Challenges We Encountered

Our team of developers encountered a few hurdles when dealing with the Google Maps Place Picker API. Initially we approached this application development with the ionic framework, which consists of angularjs, scss, html and ng-cordova to build a native android and ios app. We were unable to create and call place picker methods in the ionic view, as a result we migrated development to android studio.

Accomplishments We’re Proud of

As a team, cumulatively, we were very inexperienced with Android development. We are proud of the fact that we were able to get a build a working prototype android app over the course of the weekend

We're very proud of the fact that we had a great idea and were able to bring our ideas to life through the prototypes and the mockups.

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