Ease the process of immersing yourself in both new and familiar locations

Target Market:

Adventure seekers Curious George Anyone who is interested to learn

Unique Value:

Simplifying/streamlining the search time and effort needed to find things to do to make the best experience possible through Catering to the diverse needs of people

User Appeal:

Categorizing different areas of experiences(ie: sightseeing, food, events, local crafts/DIY) Locate your exact spot on the map to bring you nearby experiences Help companies market their events


virtual experience/artificial intelligence trip planner, set notifications about certain categories data compiling continue updating allow the organization (when making an account for personal/business) businesses use platform to market events to users (two-way street) location-filter/GPS (events, food) Share interested events with friends who has an account to the app Filter based $$$, location, ratings, family friendly Website as personal accounts can serve as blog sites which reviews the location Create a profile and have it filter based on your interests/preferences

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