This program is a term project at CMU. I love singing and cannot find a very desirable app that allows me to input my own scores to practice sight-sing. That's why I want to develop one that is easy to use.

What it does

This is a program that allows you to input music scores by clicking. Then you can try to sing according to the music score. This program will save your score, recordings and mark you what you sang wrong. The program also has a playback feature which allows you listen to the correct pitch of the music score.

How I built it

I used pygame in building this. Also I used Aubio for detecting the frequencies of the recordings the user make.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into challenges into adjusting the play time of the music. Also, the design of objects in storing music scores. The hardest part of it was to compare the scores and give the user accurate and useful feedback.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is accurate in spotting the flaws in your singing!

What's next for Sight-Sing!

I may build it into a webpage or an app. Also, I may improve the runtime of it and make it able to detect the flaws in the recording's rhythm.

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