There is nothing on the market of sight assistance that is relatively accessible and affordable, so we decided to create the Sight Necklace.

What it does

The Sight Necklace utilizes several ultrasonic sensors to detect nearby objects and record their distance from the user. The sensors then inform the user via different sounds that relay direction and relative proximity.

How we built it

We took a raspberry pi b+ and attached a portable battery, ultrasonic sensors via gpio cables, and a breadboard. the code was all programmed within Raspbian terminal using the python language.

Challenges we ran into

Particular coding issue such as interaction between the terminal and python and calculating distance using only the speed of sound. organization of wires and measurements of voltages and resistances were also sources of challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished what we originally planned to accomplish.

What we learned

We learned how to use a raspberry pi. We learned to use python (something neither of us have used before) and the Raspbian terminal. We also learned basic physics concepts such as electrical conversions and sound waves .

What's next for Sight Necklace

We hope to elaborate on it with a larger number of sensors for a more accurate and wider range of measurement. As well as extra sensors to determine user position, user speed, surrounding speed, and distinguishing between living and non living things.

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