Sighduk allows you and your friends who love watching TV shows to keep track of what TV shows they are currently watching. It supports most TV shows in most languages, including anime tracks and multilanguage TV shows across multiple seasons. Users can track where they are in an episode and pick up from any device using online cloud sync.


You can easily use Sighduk on your Android smartphone or tablet by downloading the app from the releases page and installing it. It should be fairly simple to use, and if you have suggestions or issues, feel free to email us or create an issue on GitHub.


This hackathon project was created by Lillian Won, Gideon Tong, and Brian Lam at University of California, Santa Barbara's SB Hacks VI (2020). Please direct questions to any email address listed in any of our profiles.


To get started with building this project yourself, clone this git repository into your computer and open the project directory in Android Studio. You'll need the Java SDK as well as the Android SDK installed, but the remaining libraries are included.

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