Our project was inspired by a lovely story about a father converts his son's doodle to awesome artwork. During the past weekend, we built an Artificial Intelligence application to convert people's doodles to masterpiece style artwork. Our application was build on Google Cloud computation Virtual Machine.The front-end part implement the mainly functionality of this app, and provide friendly User Interface. The user can easily draw the doddle on the handful editor. The web page is light-weighted and modulated and also scalable. For backend part, our core algorithm is based on an open source code on Github and we use flask to encapsulate the core algorithm and provide the API to the front end. The biggest challenges is how to speed up the processing speed.

Built With

  • axios
  • flask
  • material-ui
  • numpy
  • react
  • react-color
  • react-dom
  • react-router-dom
  • react-sketch
  • scripy
  • sklearn
  • tensorflow
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