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My first ever app development project was a web browser four years ago, however I lost the source code. Thus, I wanted to see how capable I was to make a web browser from scratch now, with more experience! I also wanted to make it for sustainability for older devices, to give back.

What it does

It provides a feature-rich yet streamlined, speedy web-browsing experience for under 5MB of your device's storage!

How we built it

I wrote Java code and XML in Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

Making the application handle bookmarks properly was a fun experience that required some hacking of SharedPreferences to make it work as I wanted it to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It has all major features of mobile web browsers: JavaScript, HTML5 video & content, download, split-screen & custom scaling!

What we learned

I learned how to apply my computer science know-how of the past four years in a short time-frame with an oriented goal and sub-tasks!

What's next for Sied

I intend to bolster it and make a suite of apps intended to support older devices for universities and just university tools.


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