Modern Ford vehicles can be easily access through FordPass app. However, when we are working on our desktop, it would be equally convenient to access it through a Chrome extension.

What it does

Sidr Ford Vehicle Control provides Ford vehicle information such as engine status and location. It also allow you to perform vehicle commands such as start and stop engine.

How we built it

Sidr Ford Vehicle Control is a Chrome extension. We used our proprietary extension builder to bring the power Ford API to Chrome. When our extension button is clicked, a popup will show up and automatically completes authentication. The authentication token will then be used to fetch and issue vehicle commands.

Challenges we ran into

We are glad that Ford API is very straightforward and well designed. The only challenge we run into is that the test vehicle provided doesn't update remote engine status. So it's a bit hard for us to show that our vehicle command actually modified vehicle status.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we can bring Ford experience into Chrome!

What we learned

We learnt that Ford has a set of powerful APIs, which make it easy to bring Ford to all the places we work.

What's next for Sidr Ford Vehicle Control

We would like to further extend Sidr Ford Vehicle Control extension to cover more commands and improve our UI.

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